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(Helium Films USA – San Diego Video Production)

Targeting the right demographic with your marketing efforts is fundamental to seeing a return on investment. What is crucial for your PPC or social media campaigns should apply to your videos as well. Having a talent on screen who is congruent with your brand’s positioning ensures a higher level of recognition and connection from your audience.

At Helium Films USA, we’ve built relationships with all the best talent agencies, both in San Diego and Los Angeles, to ensure a wide pool of high-end professionals to cast from.

Young or old, male or female, Caucasian, African-American or Asian, funny or grave, good looking or average, we know how to spot talents who will deliver the best performance while looking on point for the role.

Our casting process usually goes like this:

-Analysis of possible looks based on the script, creative direction, and brand demographic.

-Casting call to agencies representing that particular type of talent

-Casting at our studio or over photo/video submissions.

-Talent booking

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