We help you implement your videos to maximize your ROI.

(Helium Films USA – San Diego Video Production)

Video production can be an expansive process, with multiple moving parts that need to align just right to make for an impactful piece.

What is the point to do all this work if no one sees it?

At Helium Films USA, we help you strategize the best way to release your videos out in the world. While we don’t publish or promote the videos we produce ourselves, we work with some really talented folks who can help you do just that, in a way that will ensure strong return on investment.

There is rarely a one size fits all approach when it comes to video. Each distribution platform (FB, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo) has different format requirements as well as different demographics. We believe that your video should be tailored to your specific needed outcome as well as your specific demographic.

That’s why we typically start that discussion early on in the pre-production process to ensure that what we deliver to you is ready for deployment and will gather the most amount of views and engagement.

Whether you need multi-channel brand visibility or a sales piece that convert your website visitors to paying clients we assist in figuring out the best strategy and creating the right material for that strategy.

Our implementation process usually goes like this:

-Pre-production Strategy session to define the needed outcome.

-Shoot with variation for specific channels and formats (Square, or vertical for example)

-Referral to online marketing partners for deployment.

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