Every details in a shot participates to the overall vibe a video convey

(Helium Films USA – San Diego Video Production)

Production design is this “je ne sais quoi” that allows the audience to connect with your video and brand.

Every details in a shot participates to the overall vibe a video convey. From the original creative direction to the way we hand-pick locations, talent’s clothes or props, we make sure to get the right look for your specific project, on brand and on message.

Whether you’re into Unicorn and Rainbows or Corporate look, whether your project calls for a minimal look or a bright and colorful one, we make a point to create modern, on-trend production design that says something about your brand and draws your audience in.

In that regard, attention to details is key, and our production design process usually goes like this:

-Analysis of possible looks based on the script, creative direction, and brand identity.

-Market research on trends and your brand.

-Creative collaboration with our Production Designer, Stylist, make up artist prop master, and location manager to offer something fresh and narratively efficient.

-Location scout / Set-building

-Props research and prop building or purchase

-Costumes research and costumes purchase/rental

-Casting of the right talent.

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