Script Writing

Tell us your goals we’ll transform them in beautiful words and evocative images.

(Helium Films USA – San Diego Video Production)

Scriptwriting is where it all starts for video production. Getting the right story in line with your brand, product or service, using the right words, is key to a successful video.

At Helium Films USA, we make sure to work with you in crafting scripts that fits your goals and speaks to your audience. For every video production projects, we research in depth your company but also your industry and competitors. That ensures that we fully understand what we’re trying to advertise and that we can write something that feels like it’s coming from you.

Our scriptwriting process usually goes like this:

-On boarding call to understand your goals

-2nd call or email exchange to gather materials about your company (such as previous marketing pamplet, ads, website etc… that are representative of your mission and voice)

-Market research

-Draft #1


-Draft #2