Proper sound provides additional depth to your story

(Helium Films USA – San Diego Video Production)

The right sound, sound mix and effects not only ensures that your story is conveyed properly, it also provides an outlet for emotional expression, character building and overall additional information about the world shown visually to you.

Often the third wheel of video production, sound is just as important in our eyes that good visuals or great acting. Combined with the right visuals, it can convey a certain emotion or place that neither can achieve alone.

At Helium Films USA, we take sound seriously and have invested in quality equipment that ensures that nothing is left to chance. Our attention to details applies to the production part of our videos, but also to the post-production. A proper sound Mix and well thought-out sound effects give additional depth to the stories we convey.

Our Sound process usually goes like this:

-Pre-production based on script and creative direction to figure out what the best sound capture set-up is.


-Sound Editing

-Sound effects research and editing

-Sound Mix

We work with the best sound editing software out there: Adobe Audition when we need to be quick and efficient and ProTools when we need to go more in depth.

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