Deep or high-pitched, we’ll find the right voice for your video.

(Helium Films USA – San Diego Video Production)

Like on-screen talents, the voice that carries your video represents your brand, services or product. It needs to be chosen carefully to appeal to the specific demographic you’re going after.

Deep or high-pitched, male or female, buttery or humorous, we cast our voice talents as closely as our on-screen talents and the world is our oyster.

We work with talents from everywhere, who have their own recording booth. That set-up allows us to have a wide reach of styles and languages. Yes, language. We’ve produced voice over tracks in English of course, but also Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, or Russian.

Whether we’re producing a funny, dramatic or inspiring piece, we’ll find the voice talent who can deliver your script in the most engaging way possible.

Our voice casting process usually goes like this:

-Analysis of possible styles of VO based on the script, creative direction, and brand demographic.

-Open casting call

-Pick of a few options to pass by you

-Recording of the track

-Editing of the track


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