When we’re not creating a brand piece, corporate video or commercial, we like to stay busy and sharpen our skills with passion projects.

Over the years, we’ve produced drama and science-fiction films, as well as music and sports documentaries. That allows us to explore new creative ways, broaden the scope of the crew members and talents we’ve collaborated with, and just have a good time!

Check out some of our portfolio pieces below. And when you’re ready to create compelling videos, schedule a free consultation to elevate your brand to the next level with video production!

Real Connection Teaser
Steve Morris – Painter
Thin Lines (2017)
CharlElie Couture: Lafayette – Part 3
Art Pulse: Blake Byers
CharlElie Couture: Lafayette – part 1
CharlElie Couture: Lafayette – part 2
Scars of Cambodia (2014)
ArtPulse TV show on NBC – James Watts
All Eyes on Brazil (2014)
The Walls of Shame (2010)