A film by Shaan Couture

Duration: 40 min

Thin Lines is a story about communication, because even when we don’t speak the same language, or even can’t hear each other, we can always find ways to exchange and learn from our differences.

A WediaWix production in collaboration with Helium Films USA.

Producers: Jon Savage and Thierry Denis
Director/Writer: Shaan Couture
DP: Stephen Scavulli
Editor: Alix C. Duchene
Sound Mix: Jeffrey Litzman
Soundtrack: Eddie Costa
Stylist: Bianca Kofman
Color grading: Nate Bayless

Thin Lines has been selected at:
-the 2017 Deaf Rochester Film Festival
-the 2017 San Diego Film Awards
-The 2017 Women’s Film Festival in Philadelphia
-2017 Cannes Short Film Corner