OurPact: Bring Back the Moments that Matter

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure to work on a new commercial for OurPact. Nowadays, we know how much we all get easily absorbed by our different technological devices. We struggle turning them off, and are constantly finding excuses to check our various apps. When as adults we find ways of disconnecting, Our Pact’s mission is to empower parents to guide their children through the balanced use of technology.



To tell the story of this new app, we casted two families, and picked two different locations around San Diego. We shot three scenes per family so they would represent the multiple uses of this app: during a family dinner, at bedtime, while doing school work, or even in the car.




OurPact is a leading parental control app for iPhones, iPads, and iPods that makes it easy for you to set limits on how much time your children are spending on their mobile devices. Create schedules, block all internet and app use at a moment’s notice, or reward them with the allowance feature. Parents have the ability to download the OurPact app from the App Store or sign up with the OurPact Web App for free.



It was a fun a project, and we discovered some new talented young kids from Bensimon Models, who totally understood the necessity of shutting down their devices… after a few tries… 😉

Photo credits: Shaan Couture.

Scriptwriting: A Project’s Backbone

For many of us – video professionals or clients – what makes filmmaking a fun and entertaining job is the shooting part. Cameras ready, actors prepared, light equipment in place, and action! Suddenly a whole new world is created, filled with amazing stories. Most of our clients understand the process of shooting but not necessarily what comes before or after.

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Art Pulse – NBC new art show

We are very proud to introduce the first segment we’ve produced for the new TV show Art Pulse, scheduled to air on NBC San Diego every Saturday at 5pm and every Wednesday at 7pm on COZI TV. Check it out you Art lovers, this segment features James Watts, a wonderful artist who gives life to unexpected sculptures.

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