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William Painter Hero 2 Addy + Telly awards

We’re excited to announce that the video we produced for is getting some great accolades!

We recently won two ADDY AWARDS

-a San Diego Gold ADDY award,

-a Regional District 15 silver ADDY award,

As well as three Telly awards,

• Your face is your money maker. is the Silver Telly Winner in Online Commercials: Directing (Official Listing)

• Your face is your money maker. is the Silver Telly Winner in Online Commercials: Use of Humor (Official Listing)

• Your face is your money maker. is the Silver Telly Winner in Online Commercials: Videography / Cinematography (Official Listing)

Thank you to all the crew and client for being awesome and making this project one of our best so far!

Check out the video below!

Video Production & Covid-19

don’t know about you, but it’s been a rough couple of months.

Between losing business and having to work from home while caring for two young children who are getting cabin fever from the lack of social interactions, I had to readjust quite drastically. 

As the country slowly re-opens (while the number of cases is going up…) myself, as well as a most people in the industry, put a lot of thoughts in how to move forward producing content when even being in the same room as another human being seems like taking an unnecessary risk.

Video production is a team effort and has always been. One in which you can’t eliminate the close proximity and the interactions. (How do you apply make up 6ft away? How do you install a heavy light setup without different people touching the gear? How do you have your talents portray basic human interactions such as hugging one another, holding hands, talking?)

Some production can be done entirely remotely of course. Anything post-production heavy such as animation videos is obviously safe (see the ex. below that we produced for TopHatter during the lockdown).

So are most simple product shoots as long as they’re straight forward enough that they can be done within a single household bubble. (like these ads for a local shoe company that we produced quarantine-style – one of our DP shot the dancing one with his wife. I shot the red shoe one in my living room.)

But a lot of stories and brands require that we show different things, involving more people both in front and behind the camera.

Assuming that we don’t get a vaccine in the very near future, nor that we can test everyone on set the day we’re about to shoot (hello White house! I would love to have one of these 15min test machine handy…), we will have to be creative in how we approach every aspects of our productions to make it safe for everyone and limit (if not eliminate completely) the risk for any crew member or talent of catching the virus. 

Tyler Perry, amongst a bunch of other prominent figure in the industry, came out with a solution to this problem. You can read about it here. In essence, the idea is to test everyone before the shoot, and then quarantine them for 14 days prior to the 1st day on set. From that, do a “mini-lockdown” as they produce the show on his lot in Atlanta (no one allowed to leave, see their family, friend, plus daily test or temperature check). No need to say that it’s a great plan, and probably the safest route you could imagine, but definitely not a viable options for any commercial shoots that last 1 to 3 days. (Wanna quarantine – and not work – for 14 days prior to coming on my 2 day commercial?.. It’s ok.. I didn’t think so…)

So that said, here are a non-exhaustive list of best practices that I’ve compiled from various research and discussions I came across in the industry. These specifically apply to small to medium size commercial shoots like the ones we produce at Helium Films. They’re not fool-proof like Tyler Perry’s, but I believe they provide a good foundation to create a safe space for our shoots.

We’ve structured these into a safety policy document (HFUSA COVID19 Social distancing policy.) that we will have any crew and client who’s working with us read, acknowledge, implemement and sign moving forward.


-Forbid anyone on set who exhibit any of the symptoms of Covid-19 as defined by the CDC or has been in close contact in the past 14 days with anyone exhibiting these symptoms. 

-Have every crew members wear masks AT ALL TIME and allocate specific times dedicated to them changing to new ones several times a day.

-Disinfect all the gear and props before, during, and after the shoot, specifically before and after any use by different people.

-Do the same with all the “shared” surfaces of the set (Bathroom, craft table, location etc…)

-Limit the amount of people on set (clients can be remote on zoom for instance / Don’t hire that 2nd PA if you don’t absolutely need him/her)

-Require regular hand washing and hand sanitizing. Set-up breaks in the schedule to allow for it and provide portable contact-free washing station if possible.

-Sanitize doorknobs, bathroom and other shared spaces on the hour. 


-Limit talents to their household bubble since they may not be able to wear PPE on set (cast a REAL family when you need a family, a REAL couple if you need talents to hug/kiss/get in each other’s face)

-Style remotely (validate wardrobe ahead of time – drop off to talent’s place – choose with client on zoom)

-Have talents do their own make-up as much as possible, and if not possible, have your make up artist wear gloves / use one specific set of products per talents / be partitioned from the rest of the crew / (Let me apologize in advance to all my amazing make up artist for the added work and/or limit to your work opportunities…)

-Physically separate work areas for each department (with V-Flats for instance)/

-Have individually wrapped catering and/or have crew member bring their own lunch / water bottle / coffee.

-Limit crew and talents to who’s absolutely necessary for the shoot. (no more interns, no friends stopping by to check out what a set looks like…)

-Shoot outdoor instead of indoor as much as possible. In larger spaces rather than in a smaller space. Spaces with more ventilations.


-Take everyone’s temperature in the morning before getting on set.

-Have a dedicated safety person on set to make sure that rules are enforced, masks are worn, hands are washed, social distance is respected.

-Color-code each department and set rules for each of these color (Ex: Camera crew wear one color, Talents, MUA, stylist wear an other. You can’t cross over from one color to another – this was implemented recently by a director shooting in Iceland and can be a great option when working with large crews. (Check out the Times article here)

-When possible, use VFX and compositing to shoot talent separately.

-Shoot less. Shorter shoots are safer than longer shoots due to viral load (i.e. two 5 hour days is safer than one 10 hour day, especially in closed spaces)

Oufff. This is a lot. But really, given the complexity of a real life commercial shoot, it is still pretty high level when it comes to what needs to happen on a set. The reality is that depending on the type of shoot, script and creative direction, these “high level” guidelines would need to be detailed quite a bit.

If you want a more detailed breakdown of what we could/should do, here is a super duper comprehensive list put together by our friends at Ten Stories. They produce the same kind of content as we do, and did a great job at listing most of the minute details that will need to happen to make a commercial shoot “safe”. It may seem over the top, but if you want to truly make the set safe, this will be what needs to happen on a regular basis. 

So. to finish I’d like to address what it means for productions overall moving forward.

-We’re going to have shorter shoot days, and more breaks within those shoot days. Which means that it will take longer to produce anything (no more 14h-days)

-We will need a whole lot more efforts and time put in pre-production to make sure the set is ready to welcome the crew and talent. (Putting together a shoot is already a gargantuan task with a ton of variable. It’s gonna get worse.)

We will also need the crew to buy in and implement the new practices. (changing people’s habit is hard…)

-Every crew member on set will be “essential” meaning they probably will have twice the amount of work they usually have.

-A lot of scripts and creative direction will need to be revised to fit these new production requirements. 

-All of this will end up costing a lot more. Whether that cost is absorbed by the production company, the agency or the end client will depend on a lot of factors. But someone will bite the bullet. And within the context of a declining economy, it’s going to be a tough sell.

At Helium Films USA, we came up with our own policy. We’re having all of our crew and clients sign this ahead of any shoot, and are going to be implementing it on all of our productions moving forward, and hope that it’s enough to make all of our collaborators safe from the virus.

I wish I could say that we won’t need these measures because we can be fully certain that any crew or talent is virus free BEFORE the start of a production, or that we can just stay home indefinitely and weather the storm. Unfortunately, our government (and the US system as a whole) does not seem inclined to either provide the testing capability necessary to the former, or the economic relief to the latter. The U.S. is built on this idea that we have to work, no matter what. As an immigrant, I was never too bothered by this idea because it came with a promise that things would be easier to move forward here, that there would be a bit less roadblocks on the way to success (and it has proven true, in my modest experience and in comparison with Europe and France specifically, where I grew up). But will this be true in the future? Maybe not.

I’m not one to be overly pessimistic or optimistic about the future. I believe that we will, as a specie, overcome this pandemic. What it’ll mean for individuals, what it’ll mean for small business, what it’ll mean for our industry, I have no idea.

We’ll see what the future holds. In the meantime, hopefully these measure allow us to weather the storm as much as we can!

2019 UpCity Local Excellence Award Winner!!


Helium Films USA, 6316 Riverdale st San Diego, CA, 92120 //

Helium Films USA named 2019 UpCity Local Excellence Award Winner in San Diego 

Helium Films USA honored by UpCity as one of the top 20 service providers in San Diego.

San Diego, CA — On September 09, 2019, Helium Films USA announced the company has been named one of the top 20 service providers in San Diego as part of UpCity’s Local Excellence Awards.

UpCity is an online Marketplace that helps businesses find B2B service providers they can trust. UpCity’s Local Excellence Award winners are selected based on the UpCity Recommendability Rating, a proprietary algorithm that measures a provider’s credibility, recommendability, and reputation based on digital signals.

View the list of the top service providers in San Diego here!

“The strength of our marketplace is built on the credibility of truly excellent providers like Helium Films USA,” said Dan Olson, CEO of UpCity. “We are pleased to honor Helium Films USA with a Local Excellence Award in San Diego.”

UpCity introduced National Excellence Awards earlier this year and has now launched a local version for the top service providers located in their top ten performing cities which includes; Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego.

About UpCity

UpCity helps businesses find service providers they can trust. Our Marketplace creates and empowers successful relationships between businesses and service providers from marketers to accountants to HR professionals. We provide transparency and insights to dramatically improve the B2B partner selection and purchase experience.

Over 225,000 businesses visit UpCity each month seeking services from over 35,000 providers in over 600 cities in North America. UpCity helps partners in the Marketplace grow their business and build their digital recommendability. Learn more at

San Diego Corporate Video Production

Corporate video does not have to “feel” corporate. In fact, it absolutely shouldn’t.

Whether you’re communicating to an internal or external audience, whether you’re promoting a product or service, whether you’re just covering an event, corporate videos should be just as engaging as any other types of videos.

At Helium Films, we make sure that everything we create is top notch, with broadcast quality that rivals your favorite Netflix shows. Our team of award-winning producers, directors, cinematographers and editors come from the TV and Commercial world to ensure that each project is produced with the highest attention to detail.

As a corporate video production company, we bring a decade of experience crafting compelling content for businesses to you. From scripting to delivery, we provide solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs, and appeal to your specific audience and delivery channels.

Beyond our video production skills, what sets us apart is a deep understanding of business needs and goals built from working closely with CEO and CMO over the last decade. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we’re proud to say that we’ve crafted dozens of impactful corporate videos that exceeded expectations and resulted in high audience engagement through high-end visuals and compelling storytelling.

But we’re not only a bunch a creative individuals, when working with us, you’ll find patient listeners who take the time to understand your goals, brand and audience. We don’t just come up with a concept, we build it from scratch based on your specific environment, goals, audience and budget.

Below are a few examples of what we’ve produced for corporations.

If you’re ready for high-quality corporate videos, contacts us today for a free consultation!


About Helium Films USA:
Helium Films USA is a San Diego Video production company. We’re a full service video production that services businesses and brands both locally and internationally.
If you need help with your video production, feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to take a look at your market and come up with cost-effective quality ideas for you!
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We are recognized as a Top Video Marketing Companies on DesignRush
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How to make a compelling non-profit video

Medical video production companies are saying, a non-profit is only as successful as its most effective PR campaign. And part of any good PR campaign is the video. People respond highly to video content and advertisement, much more so than any traditional print medium.

Video is a highly effective way to get your message out to a variety of audiences, both internal and external to your organization. The job may seem daunting, but as long as you follow some key guidelines, you can make a compelling nonprofit video in no time.


Your Video Needs A Clear Goal

Don’t just shoot a video because it seems like the right thing to do. You’ll just be wasting your time. Your video should have a clear and defined purpose before ever going into video production. Is your purpose to identify and attract potential beneficiaries of the service you provide?

Are you looking to draw in donations and donors? Are you making a video to increase social awareness around the cause you’re supporting? Or is the purpose of your video to attract more people to recruit into your organization? Whatever the reason is, make sure your goal is clearly communicated in your video.


Captivate Your Audience

The most effective way to engage with your audience and keep their attention is through storytelling. Convey a vivid and engaging story that’s focused on someone else besides yourself that effectively communicates the message you intend to send.

Most people enjoy watching someone’s story especially if the story involves overcoming trouble or hardship and coming out stronger on the other side. The more you can highlight real people with real issues, the more authentic your video will appear.


Hook Them With A Great Intro

People have a myriad of options to give their attention to. Your video needs to stand out among the crowd as something worth watching for two minutes, four minutes, or however long your video may be. Make a video intro that separates you from other video production companies.

Identifying an issue or problem people can relate to right off the bat is an effective way to keep them watching from the outset. They’re much more likely to click on something else while strolling through social media if they don’t identify with what you’re presenting.


Use Authority Sources

Your audience won’t always just take your word for it. The more you can incorporate sources of authority into your message, the more likely your audience is to take you seriously. Your sources can be a mix of established foundations, testimonials from everyday people, or individual experts. Intermix them throughout your video to reinforce the message you’re sending to your audience.


End With A Call To Action

Once you’ve reached the end of your video, what do you want your audience to do with the information you’ve given them? Do you want them to click on a link to donate, enter information to volunteer, sign a petition, or simply share your video. Whatever it is, make sure you insert a clear and easy to achieve call to action for your audience. By following these simple steps your video will be much more likely to draw the crowd you’re looking for.


Below are different styles of videos that we’ve produced for local San Diego non-profit.

If you want to learn more and create an effective video for your non-profit, reach out to your favorite San Diego video production company!



About Helium Films USA:
Helium Films USA is a San Diego Video production company. We’re a full service video production that services businesses and brands both locally and internationally.
If you need help with your video production, feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to take a look at your market and come up with cost-effective quality ideas for you!
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7 tips to hire a video production company

When it comes time to hire a video production company, there are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure not only a great experience before and after the production process, but also stronger returns on your investment.

1) Get your message and strategy straight.

Who you are, what are your goals, and how you are going to achieve them is key to any company and brand. If your strategy, brand positioning or message is ill-defined, it will be that much more difficult for your video production company to come up with creative ideas and visuals that fit in.

At contrary, having a strong brand positioning along with a clear strategy will ensure that your video production partner has something they can amplify, magnify, and ultimately deliver on.

2) Define your audience(s), demographics and channels.

I’ve had too many clients who invest a lot into their video only to post it to their website and forget about it. It makes me feel like I’ve wasted my time and eventually it makes them feel like they wasted their money.

Video marketing starts ahead of making the video.

Knowing what the audience(s), demographics and distribution channels are before even starting to write a script will influence the style, format, and overall type of video(s) you create. You should not do the same video if you advertise on FB to millennials or Linkdin to an older professional crowd, on your website or on TV.

3) Prepare a pitch and gather examples

A lot of producers and creatives are ninjas when it comes to understanding an industry or product quickly and efficiently, but at the end of the day, you are the Sensei. You know your product and service better than any outsiders and have probably seen what works and doesn’t within your industry.
If you don’t have any idea of what you want to produce, research it and provide your video production company with a comprehensive pitch that includes any marketing material and background information: on your product/service, on the industry as a whole, and on your strategy to market. If you can, include video references from competitors or examples of styles and format you’ve seen perform well.

Visual ideas are better conveyed…visually. And doing so will ensure that everyone is on the same page, speak the same language, and ready to produce a killer video that is on brand and on message.

4) Understand what a video production company does (and doesn’t do)

A lot of video production companies brand themselves as full service. What this means is that they will take care of the whole production process. This usually includes:

-Creative direction


-Casting and location scout

-Identifying and providing the right talents for the shoot (Directors, Director of Photography, Producer, Camera assistant, Sound Engineer, Make up, Stylist etc…)

– Identifying and providing the right equipment. (camera, lighting, grip, sound)


-Animation and VFX

-Sound mix and Music

-Insurances, permits

-Accounting for the project


Basically, a “full service” production company will take your brief and turn it into a finish video ready to be promoted on the web or TV. The only thing you should have to do in the process is say yes or no to the idea proposed and sign a check at the end.

A production company is not a marketing agency however. If you don’t know how to go about defining items 1) and 2), there are plenty of awesome agencies out there who can help you out.

5)Put your money where your (video) is.

More often than not, the price you pay will reflect the resources and talents used. In turn, this will be reflected in the quality you get.

As you’ll probably find out when you start researching your options to produce a video, there is a ton of different offers out there, with varying price tags. Between the solo videographer a friend recommended and the 50+ employees production powerhouse whose videos you love on instagram, you may sometimes find a 10x quote difference for a similar brief. That’s because video production is usually not priced in terms of length or style but based on the resources needed, such as crew, equipment, talents, locations etc…

And you may think: “who cares? What I want to make sure of is that the quality of the deliverables, not how many people worked on set.!” You would be right. But keep in mind that there is probably a good reason for the bigger company to use that bigger crew and the better equipment. They know that each one of these people or piece of equipment will bring an added value to your project and show on screen.

6) Get detailed estimates and research past work

That said, even within a same category, prices do vary and some production companies may have more overhead, or simply be more greedy. So do not hesitate each time you ask for an estimate to demand details on how they got to this number. Looking at quotes like this will not only inform you on how they price each items such as crew members or equipment pieces, but also what each producer thinks your project will take in terms of resources.

According to Forrester, watching a minute of video is worth 1.8 Million words. That’s true for the video you’re trying to make to boost your brand. That’s also true when looking for a video partner. Watching several of their past work both on their website and vimeo/youtube page will give you a good idea of their quality standard (and therefore what you can expect) as well as the types of videos or style they’re really good at.

7) Make time to meet with them and discuss your project in depth.

Unlike other services, video production companies provide custom products that are built from the ground up with each new clients and there is a rarely a one size fits all approach. Think of it as buying an expansive car that have several dozen options that could make it either drive, fly, or go amphibious. You do want to be able to understand each options with the sales man to see what would fit your lifestyle the best (i.e your brand) and what is overkill. And you need to be able to trust that the salesman understands what you’re looking for and has your best interest in mind.

There are lot more things you need to consider if you are hiring for motorsports, Racing like event, They should be the best sports video camera and other equipment for fast capturing to get snap the spice of speedy movements.

At the end of the day, finding a video production company means finding a partner who understands your brand, business, and goals so that what they create do stand out and represent who you are and what you’re trying to achieve.

First and foremost, it is a relationship that has to be built on trust.

So make time to meet with a few of your top contenders either in person or over skype. Not only will you get a better feel on the team and whether you’re likely to have a positive experience with their company, but each one of them may also have different ideas, perspective or approach that could make your next project better and/or cheaper.


About Helium Films USA:
Helium Films USA is a San Diego Video production company. We’re a full service video production that services businesses and brands both locally and internationally.
If you need help with your video production, feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to take a look at your market and come up with cost-effective quality ideas for you!
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Video content marketing 101

Video Content Marketing 101

For the past couple of years, content marketing has been the hot topic on every marketer’s mind. Originated from the idea that regular advertising is nowadays less effective and costly, content marketing has risen as a way to engage customers in a more efficient way.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” (Source: SmartInsights)

Along with big data, content marketing is today the main marketing strategy brands employ, gathering a projected 20.2% of the marketing budgets in 2017.

From the get go, video has been one of the most efficient medium for content marketing. And for a reason, since it is a powerful storytelling tool that tends to grab people’s attention better than regular text or photos.


As I mentioned, the hallmark of content marketing is creating something that is valuable for your audience. While it should be connected to the product or service you’re selling, the main goal is to make it relevant to the particular audience you’re targeting.

If you are a headphone brand, your audience is surely music inclined, and a piece of content could be a mini documentary on music creation. If you’re a surfboard company, some tips on how to ride the perfect wave. If you’re a travel agent, some insights on the best spots in the world to travel to.

Recently, we worked with HGTV and the Travel Channel to create some online video content for them. The audience they were trying to reach were respectively 1) people who likes to build stuff and 2) people who like to travel. To reach these audiences, they came up with an effective content marketing strategy. They fill their social media channels with tips and hacks that empower people like this to build cool stuff out of their home or to use ingenious hacks when they travel (see ex. below). And it works.

Because that content was relevant and valuable, people took time to watch it (the Campsite breakfast hack below has over 500K views on FB), share it, and use it, which in turns built brand awareness, reinforced viewership, or created new viewers for their TV channels.


Here are a few tips on how to grow your brand through content marketing:

Tips #1:

Identify your ideal customer, figure out what they are interested into and create content that is relevant for them. (Tips and hacks like the example above are super effective, but other types of videos like engaging documentaries can be just as good)

Tips #2:

-Don’t advertise your product in it. Content marketing is not traditional advertising. If the video you create is too “salesy”, that will most likely be a turn off. There is a different time and place for your high-end commercial.

Tips #3:

-Know your channels and format your content accordingly. Content for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or your blog should not necessarily be the same. It be the format, or length, each platform have different viewing habits or requirements.

Tips #4:

-Be creative when it comes to the topic, or executions of your videos. If what you come up with has been put out over and over by your competitors, chance is your target viewers have seen it already.

Tips #5:

-Use a call to action. After all, you do want people to look into what you have to offer.

Tips #6:

-Post on a regular basis and offer variety in terms of the type of content you provide. At the same time, track how each video performs and emulate your champions on future videos.

Now as you surely know if you’ve produced anything video related, production can sometimes be costly, which would make it hard to follow tips #6 to post on a regular basis. It does not have to be. While producing videos will most likely cost you some money, there is ways to limit the initial investment. Some things you can do yourself with your smartphone (through FB live or periscope for instance), some others you can create in volume to lower the cost of each individual videos.

It may take a few trial and error, but with a strong strategy, the right topics and the right platform, content marketing is set to grow your brand’s audience and engage your customers.

If you want to learn more about content marketing, check out this really in-depth article wrote by our friends at The Marketing Helpline!

What is content marketing?


About Helium Films USA:
Helium Films USA is a San Diego Video production company. We’re a full service video production that services businesses and brands both locally and internationally.
If you need help with your video production, feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to take a look at your market and come up with cost-effective quality ideas for you!
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The Rise of the “lifestyle” commercial

As consumers increasingly use a multitude of online platforms and devices for their daily errands, brands can find themselves in a hard spot, where ad dollars are stretched thin across a variety of options.

Video production is proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage an audience. But beyond merely producing video content, brands don’t always know which route to take to get the best out of their productions.

Unless the product you’re selling is completely redefining a category or so innovative that people’s mind are blown away by simply learning that it exists, features are rarely what closes a sale.

What sells is establishing a real human connection. And in that regards, lifestyle brands and lifestyle commercials have a proven track record for being effective.

“Lifestyle brands, […] differentiate based on subjective, hard to quantify things like design. Lifestyle brands are fundamentally vehicles for self-expression. They don’t play by the rules of old-school marketing. They don’t try to be all things to all people. They simply are what they are, and in a world in which we’re increasingly defined by the products we buy, they can be an important part of our lives.” (Source:

In the realm of video, lifestyle commercials can encompass a broad range of narratives and styles,  but a few features are common:

-A “realistic” shooting style that gives you the feeling of being part of the action.

-Talents that consumers can identify with.

-Scenes that reflects real-life situations

-A concept that is grounded into real world concerns.

Here is a couple examples taken from Helium Films’ portfolio:

Lifestyle Brands and lifestyle advertising has been around for decades now. Take Nike, Apple or Under armor for instance who literally became cultural phenomena thanks to their strong lifestyle positioning.

Recently however, we’ve witnessed uptick in lifestyle branding for product categories that used to advertise in a more traditional way, such as travel or technology companies.

“There are a lot of opportunities for lifestyle brands to grow in the coming years, including in new lifestyle categories such as housewares and home furnishings.” (Source: Forbes)

For these brands, using a lifestyle approach allows them to more clearly differentiate their products by focusing less on the specific features (which can be difficult to appreciate for the layman consumer) and more on the overall experience they offer. Thereby instigating a sense of recognition and, if the brands deliver on its promises, long lasting trust.

The reason why lifestyle commercials are so effective is that they create in consumers a sense of belonging. They relate to their self image and desire for self expression. If produced correctly, they can be a powerful tool to shape the perceived image of a brand into a cohesive set of symbolism, personality, and values.

Using visuals, and in particular video, is the best way to truly embody a brand’s culture and style. Video advertising can create a sense of recognition that will connect with consumers in a much more effective way than other types of marketing products.

A strong brand that conveys clear values and an image of authenticity is extremely important in today’s marketplace. It’s not enough anymore to simply push out a product, even if this product is the best on the market. What drives consumer to go out of their way to buy a new product is a feeling that the brand behind it represents their aspiration, needs, wants and that sporting their product will be a way to make a statement.


About Helium Films USA:

Helium Films USA is a San Diego Video production company. We’re a full service video production that services businesses and brands both locally and internationally. For more information about us, visit

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What To Look For In A San Diego Video Production Company.

If you are a marketing director or a business owner who lives in San Diego, and you are in need of video production services, then you might want to keep on reading to find out how you can find the best San Diego video production company. Producing a high-quality video can have a great impact on your business, such as an increase in traffic, and brand visibility in the digital marketing world.

What To Look For In A San Diego Video Production Company.

1. Experience.

Audiovisual content is not something that every video production company is experienced in. Therefore, make sure that the company you choose to work with is experienced in video production services. Check out the company’s portfolio, their past clients and references, which will help you determine how experienced the video production company is.

2. Structure And Video Production Process.

Most videographers and producers do not plan for their shooting session or have an artistic approach to filming. This results in poor visual and audio content, which cannot be of any benefit to your business. Because of this reason, you might want to work with a San Diego production company that has a wide set of skills and knowledge in video creation and storytelling process.

3. A Professional And Certified Team

Either you want to shoot a promotional video or a product demo you want to work with a team that is certified in their fields. This includes the directors, producer, animators, and even illustrators, all of them should be specialized in their field of work. Working with a professional team will increase your chances of producing high-quality content.

4. Good Communication Skills.

It is also important that you look for a company with good communication skills. Make sure that you understand each other perfectly. Lack of proper communication can lead to misunderstandings and waste of time. Because of this reason, it is crucial that you hire a video production company that not only has good communication skills but also customer oriented. That means be able to guide you and update you on the video production process.

5. Experienced In Digital Marketing.

The business vendor you choose to work with should also be experienced and up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. With such knowledge, it would be easy for the production company to market your content through distribution on various digital marketing platforms. However, you need to be aware of the fact that some companies may charge you an extra fee for such a package.

6. Licensing And Cost Production.

The only way you can be sure that you are dealing with a legit video production company is by finding out whether the company you choose to work with is licensed by the state or not. If the company you choose to work with is certified to deliver video production services, then find out how much the company is charging for these services. if the company quotes an exaggerated rate then, you can look for a company that is offering similar quality services at a cost that is within your budget.


There are many San Diego video production companies that are established today, but not all of them have the ability to deliver quality services. However, with the help of this content, you should be able to choose the best video production company for your next filming project.


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OurPact: Bring Back the Moments that Matter

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure to work on a new commercial for OurPact. Nowadays, we know how much we all get easily absorbed by our different technological devices. We struggle turning them off, and are constantly finding excuses to check our various apps. When as adults we find ways of disconnecting, Our Pact’s mission is to empower parents to guide their children through the balanced use of technology.



To tell the story of this new app, we casted two families, and picked two different locations around San Diego. We shot three scenes per family so they would represent the multiple uses of this app: during a family dinner, at bedtime, while doing school work, or even in the car.




OurPact is a leading parental control app for iPhones, iPads, and iPods that makes it easy for you to set limits on how much time your children are spending on their mobile devices. Create schedules, block all internet and app use at a moment’s notice, or reward them with the allowance feature. Parents have the ability to download the OurPact app from the App Store or sign up with the OurPact Web App for free.



It was a fun a project, and we discovered some new talented young kids from Bensimon Models, who totally understood the necessity of shutting down their devices… after a few tries… 😉

Photo credits: Shaan Couture.

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