July 5, 2022 Thierry

Ockham – San Diego Video Production Company

We’re proud to introduce Ockham, a new San Diego Video Production Company founded by Helium Films’ owner Thierry Denis, and his long-time cinematographer Trevor Elliott.

Ockham was founded with the express goal to create cutting-edge commercials for epic brands. With work done for brands like Manscaped, AutoZone, TopHatter, Genexa, Razer, Nike, William Painter, Universal Yums & more, Ockham is all about Elegance, efficiency, and razor sharp precision!

You can see some of Ockham’s work here.

Located in San Diego, CA, Ockham is an award-winning video production company. With over 15 years of experience in the industry and take agencies and brands’ projects from simple to unforgettable.

Check out below Ockham’s demo reel as well as some of its latest projects! And if you’re an agency of brand looking to create next level videos, social media content, TV commercials or online promo videos, get in touch right here!

Epic brands can’t exist without epic people.

We believe great people is what makes great productions. People who challenge the status quo and deliver results. People who push their boundaries and let their work speak for themselves. People that are creative, honest and talented but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Our team of directors, producers, cinematographers, writers, & editors are the absolute best in town, and have done it all. So that nothing on set is left to chance.

Razor sharp is how we roll.