July 24, 2013 Helium Films

Robot America, naturally wise

By Shaan. 

In October, among various projects, we produced two videos for Robot America who asked us to create innovative marketing material to promote their incredible new product: the air cleaner and vacuum Robot Platinum. This company, known for over 60 years for their innovative products, has come up with the latest version of their Robot.

Helium Films for Robot America

Helium Films for Robot America

Built with Nano silver technology, the Robot Platinum serves a wide range of utility. It cleans and aromatizes the air, it vacuums dust and liquid, it can be used on all surfaces, and is very user friendly. Robot America believes in maintaining a very personal customer-service relationship because humans are at the center of their business.

Shooting for Robot America in La Jolla


The shooting took place in two locations, one in a beautiful house in La Jolla, and the other one in our studio. The two videos were shot in a very friendly environment, where everybody was having fun. The atmosphere was great to inspire the production of high quality videos.

Robot America, shooting in the studio

Robot America, shooting in the studio


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