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San Diego Video Production Company

Being a video production company fully equipped with the latest technological tools and highly skilled staff, coupled with a personal stroke of a small entity, Helium Films USA has fabricated its reputation as the best one-stop creative  San Diego video production company in which guarantees complete satisfaction of its clients. Just watch our portfolio or read our clients' testimonials.

In this internet boom era, video production is becoming an important element in corporate marketing. It is now used for communication with internal and external audiences. With the invention of flip cams, stringent budgets and low-cost editing software, many corporate entities think that they can easily shoot the video themselves and consequently, they are not creating the professional or impactful outputs needed. A similar thing happened many years ago, when companies entrust their webpage to their employees with little HTML knowledge and some free time. However, nowadays, most companies cannot think of creating a website without the help of a professional – and the video is also given an equal priority. Helium Films, located in San Diego, is here to assist you in video production services.

Helium Films just opened new offices in San Diego, CA

What is Video Production?

Video production entrust many types of production processes as well as production types. This can include production of corporate videos, television programs, event videos, television commercials, special-interest home videos and wedding videos. A video production can vary in size from a simple home movie with a camcorder, a solo camera man with a professional video camera, and a Videographer with a professional assistant, to a multiple camera shoot in a television studio including a whole television staff with a production company.
Importance of Video Production:
Since the very inception of videos and films, they have been used as an efficient mode of reaching and influencing the audience as a form of promotion mechanism; the most common of such promotional video are television commercials. With the passage of time, it has naturally progressed and adapted to work with the current digital age. However, the introduction of recent household Digital Video Recorders is gradually superseding TV commercials. These recorders provide their viewers an option to fast-forward TV commercials or other unwanted programs, resultantly making TV advertising budgets an unfruitful expenditure. That is the main reason why many companies are focusing their attention to the Internet or online promotional techniques. A study suggests that currently, around 37% of Internet surfing consists of video streaming.

There are many types of videos produced by video production companies, which are:

  • Industrial Videos

Corporate or industrial video production has a variety of functions: They serve for the corporate communication, videotaping conventions and conferences, training and education, promotion of products and services, and thus increasing revenue. One of the most popular types of corporate video is “Candids” or which is also known as “happy-face” video. In this type of video, a many-day event is shot by a Videographer, including speakers, awards ceremonies , breakout sessions, and local recreational activities in which the visitors of the event to take part. An on-site editor then makes a short video presentation that is shown at the end of the convention. We are the best corporate video production company San Diego. We produce customized videos tailored to the needs of our prestigious clients.

  • Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are an effective tool to promote and create awareness of an organization’s products and services. Such kind of video production services range from Television commercials to online advertisements and viral videos.
Internet Marketing Videos created by us, are generally shot in home based ambiance, and help an organization to interact with its target audience.

  • Event Videos

We also shot Videos can be used at the school, wedding, sporting, stage show, church, and other like events to provide a remembrance of special events in your life. Event video productions may also range from a custom-made wedding video of a bride and groom with their friends and families, to a dance and theatrical performance where thousands of copies are sold to individual viewers. We also produce event videos to broadcast live events to viewers such as concerts or press conference. A satellite linked directly to the event location sends a video of such life events.

Why to choose Helium Film?

Helium Films is a leading video production company located in San Diego, California. Being an international well-recognized video production company, Helium film’s mission is to impart highly professional and customized high definition video production, sound and video editing, and to provide professional services to producers, networks and business entities, throughout the United States of America and abroad.
For many years, Helium Films has given skilled video production services to a huge clientele. Ranging from excellent sporting events and documentaries, to multimedia productions, corporate communications and independent motion pictures, we ensure the provision of excellent quality services at the most reasonable rates. We use only the best available high-definition cameras and other post-production tools, which ensure an invincible value and unparalleled customer accreditation.
Being a video production company fully equipped with the latest technological tools and highly skilled staff, coupled with a personal stroke of a small entity, Helium Films USA has fabricated its reputation as the best one-stop creative  San Diego video production company in which guarantees complete satisfaction of its clients.

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